Oct 2, 2017

Elvis, And His Famous Friends

Episode 20 - Elvis, And His Famous Friends


Other than those "closest confidants" known as the Memphis Mafia, as Elvis's star rose, he spent a decent amount of time with many of his "Famous Friends."

Some stories have come out from those famous friends such chance encounters include hanging with Elvis (and his guns) in hotel rooms, odd gatherings at cocktail parties, as well as quaint eclectic dinner parties.

Join Brendan Carr as Elvis, Matt Casarino, Lew Indellini, and Kevin Regan as they re-tell some of those partially true stories.


Sep 1, 2017

Elvis, And Karate

Episode 19 - Elvis, And Karate

Which came first Elvis's love of Karate or the TCB Code? They both seem to draw power from each other.

In this episode we learn about Elvis's journey to go from "The King," to the "Master King." With the likes of Master Juergen Seydel and Master Tetsugio Murakami, there are plenty of Hiyaaas for everyone.

With Brendan Carr as Elvis, Matt Casarino, Lew Indellini, and Kevin Regan


Aug 1, 2017

Elvis, And The Million Dollar Quartet

Episode 18 - Elvis, And The Million Dollar Quartet


What if a chance meeting between four...okay, three of the biggest rock and rollers of the 1950s produced a SUPER GROUP? And not just any super group, but one with actual super powers and the abilities hat allowed them to overcome any perils they encountered. This is that story.

With Brendan Carr as Elvis, Matt Casarino as Carl Perkins, Lew Indellini as Johnnn Cash, and Kevin Regan as Jerry Lee Lewis



Mar 31, 2017

Elvis, And Saturday Night Live (The Other Elvis)

Episode 17 - Elvis, And Saturday Night Live (The Other Elvis) - AKA APRIL FOOLS!

A few months after The King passed away - a different Elvis, from the other side of the pond, created quite a name for himself on live television. During a performance on December 17th, 1977 as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live, Elvis Costello and the Attractions stopped playing their "approved" song in favor of a completely different song.

Though banned from Saturday Night Live, Elvis Costello immediately became a household name in The United States.

Join Brendan Carr, Matt Casarino, Lew Indellini, Jill Knapp, and Kevin Regan in a different kind of "Elvis, And."

"Elvis, And" Season 3 starts back up in August!


Dec 12, 2016

Elvis, And A Christmas Carol

Episode 16 "Elvis, And A Christmas Carol"

The King decides not to give out Christmas bonuses to the Memphis Mafia this year, so the boys are forced to get all "Dickensian" on his ass! All of you favorite characters are back in this 2nd season ending episode...as well as some new ones!

With Brendan Carr, Matt Casarino, Lew Indellini, Jill Knapp, Rodney Linderman, Kevin Regan, Steve Roney, and Adam Wahlberg.


Dec 1, 2016

Elvis, And The Million Dollar Quartet - BONUS (mini) EPISODE

Episode 16.2 "Elvis, And The Million Dollar Quartet" - BONUS (mini) Episode

What would happen if 4 of the biggest names is Rock & Roll got together in a studio? OK, 3 of the biggest names and Carl Perkins.
Well that's just what happened on December 4, 1956 when Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash all found themselves in a recording studio at Sun Records. Engineer Jack Clement happened to record the four rockers in what has since been titled, "The Million Dollar Quartet."
Hell they even made a broadway musical about it!

Sit back and enjoy this mini episode which features a brand new Christmas song that's certain to be a holiday classic for many years to come!


Nov 14, 2016

Elvis, And The Studio (Part 4) - BONUS (mini) EPISODE - “Don’t Be Cruel”

Episode 15.2 "Elvis, And The Studio (part 4) - "Don't Be Cruel"  

The year is 1956 and Elvis and the crew are back in the studio recording a tune written by Otis Blackwell (and perhaps with a writing credit tossed to the artist for making the song famous). But not everyone is a fan of the message that "Don't Be Cruel" conveys. Perhaps "Be Cruel" would be a better way to go. Fine out in this mini episode...

Nov 1, 2016

Elvis, And The Entire Cast

Episode 15: "Elvis, And The Entire Cast." A behind the scenes look (or listen) of The Elvis, And podcast.

Thanksgiving is about gathering and sharing, so to honor November the entire cast of the "Elvis, And" podcast gather to share their thoughts on the characters they portray as well as Elvis himself!

Things return to normal (as much as they can) next month. Until then, enjoy this inside look at "Elvis, And."

With: Brendan Carr, Matt Casarino, Lew Indellini, Jim McCabe, Kevin Regan, Steve Roney, and Adam Wahlberg.

Oct 17, 2016

Elvis, and “Love Me Tender” - film (BONUS: AKA “The Reno Bros.)

Episode 14.2: Elvis, and "Love Me Tender" - film (BONUS: AKA “The Reno Bros.)

Elvis's debut on the big screen was originally a post Civil War film titled "The Reno Brothers." However, once Col. Tom Parker and the bigwigs at the studio decided it would be more beneficial for all parties if The King sang throughout the film, it was renamed "Love Me Tender," for no other reason than that was the name of the single that would be released from the film.

Listen as Brendan, Jim, Kevin, and Steve bring The Reno Brothers to life, one last time...


Sep 30, 2016

Elvis, And Mama

Episode 14: "Elvis, And The Mama." Everyday was Mother's Day to Elvis! In this episode we explore the intensely maternal relation between Gladys and The King. Think of how popular this reality show would have been! 

With: Brendan Carr, Jim McCabe, Kevin Regan, and Steve Roney. Music by Matt Casarino & Jill Knapp.

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